Polaris International News

Polaris International News

It’s an exciting time for Polaris Hinges as we return back from our product tour in the USA where we spent time with distributors and customers in L.A, Houston and Toronto.

Interest and demand in our all Australian designed hinges is gaining prominence in the United States and Canada and it certainly is an exciting time to be in this industry.

We’ve seen a growing demand for the new range of Polaris products internationally where Australian products are rightly perceived to be of high quality and unmatched safety standard.

In little over a week we covered thousands of KMs or ‘miles’ and we were humbled by the positive reception. It was an opportunity for us to show case our newest range of hinges and grout and to get feedback from some of the largest global distributors which will help us immensely to ensure we have a product best suited to a range of applications and customers. We can see that international expansion is about to ramp up which is great news for all of our partners.

During our visit to L.A in particular we spent time with key business leaders in the glass railings and metal fencing sectors who were keenly interested in the extreme level of quality that our products offer. Then on to Houston where we had two amazing days working on our next exhibition “Glass Build” which we are attending in Las Vegas in Oct. We ended our tour in Toronto Canada with our special partner Euro Architectural Components. This is our key distribution partner in Canada and we thank them for their support and hospitality during our stay there.

All in all, the feedback has been far better than expected and our latest range of products stand out amongst others as being of superior quality and durability. Our hinges are performing in applications where others simply don’t. In short, 2022 is shaping up to be a huge year of innovation and expansion for the Polaris family. We look forward to sharing photos and videos from our experiences

For all sales enquiries please contact Francis Bindschedler on 1300 295 388 or 0414 616 910 or email Francis at francis@polarishinge.com

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