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Hope you’re having a great week! Welcome to Polaris first newsletter for 2024.

FenceTech 2024… That’s a wrap!
We’re back! Polaris has just recently returned from FENCETECH 2024,Nashville, Tennessee. The event was a great success, providing Polaris with a valuable opportunity to connect with industry professionals and showcase our innovative products. The US market greatly appreciates quality and especially loves the new Polaris 156 Retrofit Hinge, 2023 USA Good Design Winning product.
With pool fence laws in the US shifting in some states, and more awareness been placed on fence and gate safety, Australia sets a good example of requirements for best practice in this area. Australia has some of the strictest pool fencing regulations in the world and Polaris products have been designed to not only meet but exceed standards.

As a result of FenceTech, we’ve forged new partnerships and gained valuable insights into the emerging markets within the fencing industry. We’re committed to expanding our presence in the United States with the highest quality products and education from our many years experience in the gate hardware & fencing industry.

APP Launch in the US
The Polaris Hinge Warranty and Support App is officially launched in the USA! FenceTech 2024, was the perfect opportunity to unveil our first in class Warranty and Support App. This app, the first of its kind in both Australia and potentially the US, to offer our industry installers and their customers, extended warranties, on the spot support and maintenance reminders. Through the app we’re committed to setting a new and higher standard for customer service in the industry. The positive reception from contractors and industry professionals at the exhibition was truly exciting, as they recognize the app’s potential to transform their own customer service experience.

Following its successful debut in Australia, The App is poised to set new benchmarks for customer support and engagement in the US fencing industry. Our commitment is to ultimately help our installers/contractors provide exceptional service, unparalleled convenience and peace of mind to customers.

Looking ahead, the launch of the Warranty and Support App in the US represents a pivotal step in our ongoing expansion and reinforces our position at the forefront of technological advancement within the fencing industry.

Australia’s Best Pools – filming is underway for Season 3, 2024 (Airing in Australia)
Season 3 of Australia’s Best Pools is sure to make a big SPLASH! With a look at more award winning pools in fabulous Aussie backyards and insights from some of Australia’s best pool builders and suppliers. Take the journey around Australia with Dave Franklin and friends while he uncovers great information from experts in the pool and fencing industry.

Polaris Hinge products are again proud to be a major sponsor and will be featuring as a key product on all of Australia’s Best Pools. There may even be a reveal of a new Polaris Hinge product that is an absolute game changer. You will love it!

when your installer registers your warranty on the
NEW Polaris Customer Installer Warranty App

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