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Can you feel a change in the air? It could be just the season, but it could also be the start of new beginnings. Spring is upon us, inviting reflection and refinement of our product and service offerings, as industries gear up for the potential surge in sales activity. At Polaris, we’ve been diligently innovating, high-quality solutions that address problems we identity in our industry. Our latest innovation the “Power Close” could be a great addition to your current catalogue. 

Hinges ain’t Hinges if they ain’t Polaris Hinges!
New and existing innovations.
 Polaris Hinge recently came back from Fencetech 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. We soaked up the sights and scenes and had a dose of some good, authentic blue grass! Though it wasn’t all just fun and games, something that became immediately obvious was that the US market are avid adopters of new technology and actively seek out innovation to constantly ensure that their customers have the best experience possible. Polaris Hinge shares this passion which has driven our innovations in the Soft, Self Closing Hinges category. That is the US Good Design Award Winner Polaris 156 Surface Mount Hinge and our newest edition now available for purchase on our US website, the Polaris Power Close unit.

Our latest innovation – the Polaris Power Close
The Polaris Power Close unit, boasts an ingenious design featuring integrated magnets, ensuring a firm and decisive final gate close. Imagine scenarios with heavy foot traffic, strike security gates, and safety access points where a reliable closure is paramount. In such instances, many gates fail to complete the closing process, leaving them insecurely positioned due to the closer’s tongue getting stuck or resting without engaging into the final close position. The Power Close effectively addresses this challenge, offering a solution to the problem of inadequately secured security gates.

The 156 Utility Hinge and the Power Close make a great team to achieve a quiet secure close particularly in places like resorts, hotels, apartments and condo complexes. We see great potential in assisting HOA groups to achieve peace of mind when it comes to a more harmonious and secure environment.

Polaris recently conducted an installation of seven security and pool barrier gates at the Mantra Amphora Resort in beautiful Palm Cove Northern Queensland Australia.

We were grateful to have sat down for a conversation with resort manager Christian to hear his thoughts about Polaris Hinges and latest innovation the Power Close.

Michael Stuart, CEO – Polaris Hinges in conversation with
Christian Lachemeier – General Manager Mantra Amphora.

Both the 156 Utility Hinge and the NEW Polaris Power Close are available from our US website with FREE shipping across the USA.