Polaris Team

It’s mid-year already and it’s been a busy time at Polaris Hinge. Launching another innovation in Australia, the156 Utility Surface Mount Hinge, heading overseas to share the product, visitors from offshore coming in, again being a major sponsor of Season 2 of Australia’s Best Pools airing this spring on 9Life, stay tuned for previews coming soon!

Above all, the highlight of this past 6 months has to be the Australians Fencing Awards. In June, Michael Stuart, inventor, innovator, designer, and CEO of Glass Hardware Australia -Polaris Hinges, received a prestigious industry award, 2022 Australian INDUSTRY INNOVATOR Award, for his remarkable expertise and contribution to the fencing industry.

Michael started his career in the industry in 1987 in building & construction which let to the niche area of glass and glazing when Michael noticed a problem occurring. Glass gates were installed using modified spring hinges adapted for glass and “in-ground” hydraulic Floor Closers unsuitable for exterior applications. The result was unsafe, slamming hinges not fit for purpose. With an innovators mindset, Michael set out to create a solution. Fast forward decades later and Polaris Soft Close Hinges, now a house-hold name and award winning product has resulted in hundreds of thousands of safer and quieter pool environments not just for Australians but for Polaris global residential and commercial customers.

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Thanks to Michael and his team, Polaris Hinges are an Australian Success story.

Irene Michael