Polaris Ready-Set It’s Grout Time


Looks like is almost tax time again and the perfect time to load up on Polaris products before EOFY.

Polaris Ready-Set Grout is one of those products you always need stocked and good to go for fence & gate installations.

Polaris Ready-Set-Grout is a rapid setting cement specifically designed for the glazing industry. Purpose-made for setting core drilled spigots into concrete and glazing frameless glass panels into balustrade channel and rails. Completely aggregate, sand and gypsum free, this highly engineered and tailored cement product is 100% Australian made to Polaris specialised formula. The non-shrink formula features minimal expansion qualities which helps avoid surrounding concrete stress cracks. Polaris Ready-Set-Grout comes in both 10kg weatherproof bags or 20L recyclable buckets. However the real benefit of Polaris-Ready-Set-Grout is the ultra-fast setting times. Whether you’re in Broome in Summer or Melbourne in Winter Polaris Grout will get you off the job faster than any competing product. Supercharge your installs and profitability by kicking the blocks from under the glass panels sooner with Polaris Read-Set-Grout.

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Polaris Ready Set Grout 800