Polaris Hinges on The Block 2022

Are they Polaris Hinges & Spigots on The Block Houses you ask? Yes they are. Polaris Hinges and Spigots are on every pool fence and gate on The Block 2022.

It was great to provide our high quality products for these incredible homes. Making backyard pool areas safe has been a long time focus at Polaris. From our earlier gate hardware products to our newest innovations the 155 Retrofit Series Hinge and the 156 Utility Surface Mount Hinge, all Polaris products use the highest grade materials and most innovative safest technology. We have continued over the years to not just beat but smash Australian Standards for Pool Hinge Safety. It has now been one year since the Polaris Soft Close Hinge hit One Millions Cycles with In-House testing Testing Video here.

Polaris will continue to innovate and be leaders in the fields of gate hardware. We are a family owned business and our mission is not just to produce quality product but to assist people with their lifestyle. No more slamming unsafe, unsightly hinges for homeowners, faster, simpler job installations for installers, peace of mind for resort managers and owners. With the longest warranty on the market, once you install a Polaris Gate Hardware system in your home or business, we’ve got your back.

There are currently still many thousands of Australian pools with old spring hinges that should be replaced. With summer almost here, Polaris would like to offer our Aussie families a Super Summer Special.

SUPER SUMMER SPECIAL of $50 off the Polaris 155 Retrofit Series Hinge.*
There has never been a better time to Retrofit your old spring hinge with a Polaris 155 Series Retrofit Hinge.

To take advantage of our SUMMER OFFER and Buy
Polaris 155 Retrofit Series Hinge, visit our link.


*Offers End 28th Feb 2023


Polaris Hinges The Block 2022

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