Polaris 156 Utility Face Fit Hinge on Metal Gates

Polaris 156 Utility Face Fit Hinge on Metal Gates

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2023. And Happy New Year to all of our readers. We are excited and look forward to the year ahead at Polaris and happy to bring you our news updates and new innovations.

Polaris 156 Utility Face Fit Hinge Install on Metal Gates.

In Sep 2022 we introduced you to the Polaris 156 Utility Face Fit Hinge. The newest innovation from Polaris. This hinge is purposely designed to fit a broad range of gates. This includes metal gates & ColorBond gates. The 156 has many great features such as the adjustment feature but today we’d like to focus on the styling of the hinge. The Polaris 156 comes with removable covers so that you can use any colour palate you wish to match with your metal gates.

Styling your pool gate and fence has never been easier. The 156 hinge covers are made from high quality durable plastic and can be removed and spray painted.

Australia enjoys an outdoor climate and we spend much of the year in our backyards entertaining family and friends. Australia has also embraced the concept of ‘styling’, pretty much everything, our homes, backyards, cars and ourselves. Styling has become part of our identity. You may from time to time like to change your style so now if you change your gates or fencing, you don’t need to replace your Polaris 156 Hinges, you can simply respray the covers to suit your new style.

Polaris Hinges are not only the safest hinges on the market and last longer than any other hinge, they are now also the most stylish.

If you’d like to place a soft close hinge with colour change covers on your gates then the Polaris 156 Utility Surface Mount Soft Close Hinge would be the perfect product for you. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to install your new hinge.
Installing a Polaris 156 to your Colorbond gate.

Polaris 156 Colour Change Hinge

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