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Enhance Peace and Security in Strata Buildings with Polaris Hinges & New Power Close for security gates.
In strata buildings and HOA complexes, ensuring a quiet and secure environment is paramount for maintaining resident satisfaction and security. This is where the innovative solutions from Polaris Hinges come into play. Specifically, the Polaris 156 Utility Soft Close Hinge and the New Power Close mechanism address two significant challenges: noise from gates and incomplete closures of security gates.

Polaris 156 Utility Soft Close Hinge: Say Goodbye to Noisy Gates One of the most common nuisances in densely populated living spaces is the noise generated by gates. The constant clanging and banging can disrupt the tranquillity of the
environment, leading to frustration and disturbed sleep for residents. The Polaris 156 Utility Soft Close Hinge provides a
robust solution to this issue.

This advanced hinge technology ensures that gates close softly and quietly, eliminating the harsh sounds that typically
accompany the closing of gates. By integrating these hinges into the gates of strata buildings and HOA complexes, property managers can significantly enhance the living experience of residents. No more sleepless nights or interrupted
conversations due to loud gate noises – just smooth, silent closures every time. The 156 Utility Hinge is surface mount and fits most type of gates including but not limited to metal, aluminium, PVC, ColorBond and timber. The 156 covers can be colour changed to complete the look of any building complex and fence décor. One of the many reasons the Polaris 156 hinge was awarded the USA Good Design Award in 2023.

New Power Close: Ensuring Security with Every Gate Closure
Another critical concern in residential complexes is the security of gates. Often, security gates fail to close completely, which can compromise the safety of the property and its residents. This can happen for various reasons including a slamming gate which bounces back then fails to lock, also electric strike gates the tongue can rest on the receiver preventing a final close. Some gates are inconsistent with their latch and lock. This issue is effectively addressed by the New Power Close mechanism from Polaris Hinge.
The New Power Close system ensures that security gates achieve a full and secure closure. This magnetic mechanism grabs the gate near completion overcoming final locking issues.

With Power Close, residents can have peace of mind knowing that their security gates will reliably complete their closing cycle, enhancing the overall safety of the complex.

The Impact on Strata Buildings and HOA Complexes
Integrating Polaris 156 Utility Soft Close Hinges and New Power Close systems into your building’s infrastructure offers several benefits:

1. Enhanced Resident Satisfaction: Quiet gate closures mean residents can enjoy a peaceful living environment, free from disruptive slamming gate noises.

2. Improved Security: Reliable gate closures ensure that security measures are consistently more effective, helping to
protect residents and their property.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs: The durability and reliability of Polaris hinges and Power Close can reduce the need for
frequent gate maintenance & repairs.

4. Peace of Mind for Strata & HOA Management: A well-maintained, secure, and tranquil living environment that enhances the appeal of the property.

Polaris Hinges and New Power Close systems provide practical and effective solutions to common problems in strata
buildings and HOA complexes. By addressing the issues of noisy gates and incomplete gate closures, these innovations
contribute to a more comfortable, secure, and desirable living environment for all residents.
Investing in these technologies is a step towards maintaining a high quality of life and robust security in your residential communities.

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