Pool Fence Safety with Polaris Safety Hinge

Polaris Pool Fence Safety HingePOLARIS Soft Close Hinge is a completely new type of self closing hinge design for use in fenced areas where a self closing gate is required.

As a glass pool fence hinge it is the safest and most reliable hinge in the industry complying with the stringent Australian Standards AS1926 and AS 2820.

Both the Royal Life Saving Society Australia and the Samuel Morris Foundation— organisations dedicated to preventing child drownings—have endorsed the product for use in Australian pools.

The Polaris Soft Close Hinge uses a spring, high-powered magnets and shock absorbers to ensure gentle closing every time from any position, whether fully or only slightly open. The Polaris Soft Close Hinge closes with a soft and light action not only making it safe but also quiet in operation.


  • Quick Installation
  • Stops gate from slamming
  • Eliminate in floor hardware
  • Gate latching every time
  • Reliable
  • Safe soft closing
  • Speed adjustment
  • Independently tested to comply with Australian standards as 1926 safety barriers for swimming pools and as 2820 gate units for private swimming pools specially.

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