POLARIS Door Hinges – For Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Doors And Gates

Installing a glass fence around your pool can provide you with a more attractive way to keep your pool area safe and secure. Choosing the right glass door hinges for your construction or installation may seem like a minor detail, but it is far more important than many property owners would have suspected.

Using our premium durable hinges for your glass doors and gates will ensure that you are able to keep your pool area secure, ensure that your fence will require less frequent and expensive maintenance and repair efforts and provide you with the greatest value for your investment.

Glass Pool Fencing Hinge Glass Pool Fencing Hinge

Creating An Attractive And Secure Pool Area

Neglecting to install a security fence with quality glass door hardware around your pool area could prove to be a very serious oversight – one that may put you at far greater risk for an accident or mishap should small children or unauthorized visitors decide to make use of your pool.

For both residential and commercial property owners, providing a safer and more secure swimming area, pool environment and property are not issues that should be taken lightly.

Glass fences fitted with POLARIS glass pool gate hinges help ensure that an effective barrier around your swimming pool area is not only safe and designed to last, but also looks beautiful.

The POLARIS soft close hinge is an automatic self-closing safety hinge, making it the perfect choice for your frameless glass door or gate requirements.

A frameless glass door or gate installation using the POLARIS hinge will not only improve the atmosphere and appearance of your environment, but provide superior security and safety, due to it’s magnetic self-closing operation.


Superior Door Hinges for Durability

Our POLARIS glass hardware that is designed specifically to be installed in outdoor areas is also tested to be tough enough to stand up to the elements for ten years of normal use.

Investing in an inferior glass hardware option that was not designed for outdoor use could find you faced with an expensive repair bill far sooner than you might have expected.

POLARIS hinges are designed and rigorously tested to provide superior all-weather durability, and the chance to enjoy a greater value for your investment.

POLARIS Frameless Glass Door HInge POLARIS Frameless Glass Door Hinge

POLARIS Hinges for Glass Doors and Gates: Superior Options for Your Pool Fencing

This hinge can effectively provide property owners with the chance to make a far better ROI in terms of their pool-side fence.

Rust due to seasonal moisture, wear and stain caused from prolonged or excessive use are issues that may be found by using an inferior product.

These are issues that could keep your fence from providing continuous and reliable operation, meaning that pool security can quickly become a real liability.

Frameless Glass Doors - Hinges For Glass Frameless Glass Doors – Hinges For Glass

Enhanced Safety Features of the POLARIS Glass Hinge

Other hinges on the market are poorly made, and have not been manufactured to provide long-term and dependable performance. This can result in a safety issue that you might not even be aware of – one you could avoid entirely by choosing a POLARIS hinge.

Ensuring that you make the decision to use only the best supplies and hardware options when erecting an outdoor fence is never a concern that should be left to chance.

Getting the Best Value for Your Investment

Residential and commercial property owners who are seeking information about what to look for when choosing a quality glass door hinge to provide them with a more attractive pool area and the greater security to use it safely would be wise to choose POLARIS – the best and most safe glass door hinge on the market today, and the only one designed to withstand outdoor applications.

Finding out, too late, that the hinge you are depending upon for your fence to operate effectively is less than up for the job could prove to be nothing short of a disaster.

Polaris Glass Door Hinge Polaris Glass Door Hinge

POLARIS is an award-winning glass hardware company. We offer a quality range of hinge and glass hardware options. We stand behind a quality product that lasts, giving you better value for your purchase, and the peace of mind knowing that your glass fence will ensure you safely contain your pool area.

Creating an environment that will be both more appealing and safer for children is not an issue you can afford to overlook.

Investing in the POLARIS range of premium automatic soft closing door hinges available for frameless glass doors and gates means you will be choosing the best solution on the market today.

POLARIS helps you achieve an attractive outdoor space, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing our hardware has been designed and manufactured to be as safe and durable as possible.

Frameless Glass Doors Hinge Frameless Glass Doors Hinge

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