Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

All about the Soft Closing POLARIS Frameless Glass Door Hinge

There is a new look in glass pool fencing: frameless glass pool fencing. Frameless glass outdoor doors and gates provide a beautiful, durable, and more safe and reliable corrosion free system.

Nothing appears to be consciously assembled when you look at a frameless glass door, gate or fence. Your eye sees through the frameless clear glass, creating a beautiful and safe way to surround your pool.

Glass gates supply a safe and secure pool environment, and help keep the kids out when the pool is unsupervised.

Frameless_glass_pool_fence_gate_-_PolarisIf you look closely, the glass hardware that mounts the pool gate hinges in the gate is comprised of a construction of magnets, hinges and a patented soft closing automatic operation to provide a superior frameless glass fence system.

Everything is properly secured. The stainless steel face-plates are tight against the rubber gaskets, magnet and the stainless steel; the spring action hinges swing with a perfectly hung motion that is both silent and efficient.

The magnets at the door edge and the fence edge accomplish the last two inches of closure. The glass hinge makes the fence thoroughly efficient.

Security is essential. The capable glass door hinge hardware offsets the inviting, clear glass. The common fault with backyard pools in Australia occurs when small children accidentally enter the pool, unseen.

When this happens, children may feel free to play in the pool without an adult present.

This has led to a number of serious accidents and fatal drownings. In the majority of child drowning incidents, the failure of the door hinges to close the pool gate automatically to secure the pool received the blame.

The Polaris safety hinge may help reverse this situation. Reliability, long-life and a backup-latching system of the soft close hinge ensures the glass gates close, and eliminates gate slamming. The pool area remains secure even when the adult is absent.

Polaris Pool Fence Safety HingeIf there is a swimming pool visible, children will look at it and children will want to play in it. Installing a Polaris safety hinge that self-closes will give your pool one important difference: Safety.

Not only that, but glass pool fencing gives your property a spacious and smart feeling. It’s no coincidence that frameless glass is used in the best resorts.

Pool fences have a purpose: To keep the children from ever wandering into the pool; but a beautifully presented pool edged in frameless glass fencing can add value to your property, and does not ‘box off’ the yard like traditional non-glass fencing.

The family swimming pool and outside area is often the most loved area of the property, especially in summer. The pool and garden area make a statement; that happy family memories are created. The family goes swimming at the end of the day, and gazing at water is soothing to the soul.

Your pool area may have bar-b-ques and lawn chairs, tables and a colorful umbrella. It is all about relaxation – lifestyle, and enjoying the Aussie endless summer.

It’s easy for a fence door to swing shut, fail to latch and stand ajar, allowing young children to enter the pool area unsupervised. It’s also common that most other glass hardware on the market causes gate slamming, reducing the life of your glass fencing.

The Polaris hinge overcomes this shortcoming, and that is why this glass hardware is the best solution for your pool fencing.

Polaris makes the hinge, and can recommend companies in your area who can install your pool fencing.

Their engineers at Polaris have developed a unique and award winning glass door hinge that closes on its own. It does not just swing shut; it shuts and closes – but not with hooks.

Rather, it incorporates magnets – a magnetic self-closing latch system, tested to work without failing for 10,000 cycles. (10 years in a private use)

The glass fence is beautiful and elegant, but the problem that kept the engineers up at night at Polaris was the possibility that a small child could enter the frameless glass door unsupervised. Polaris have gone to great lengths of develop a self-closing door system that parents can rely on.

It not only provides a self-closing door, it serves as a barrier to prevent the curious child from drowning. With that accomplished, there is finally a completely reliable glass pool fencing system on the market.

When designing their ground-breaking hinge, now exported all over the world, Polaris rejected other gate closing systems used in the market such as those used in public restroom stalls.

Their system transcends the old fashioned hinges and latches system, by incorporating a swinging gate system constructed using high-grade stainless steel, magnets and shock absorbers to automatically close the gate even when people have forgotten to shut it.

Glass pool fencing hinge
The hinges are equipped with springs that push the frameless glass door shut, and strong magnets ensure that the last inch or two closes without fail and shock absorber to prevent the gate from slamming.

A Polaris Safety Hinge installed in combination with your frameless glass pool fencing is the best and most premium glass pool gate hinge solution on the market today.

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